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The Collect Northwest Difference

Get paid sooner & get paid more

At Collect Northwest, we work for you!  That may seem simple, but not all debt collection companies share this philosophy.  Once you hire us, you will notice it right away in our ‘What do you want done?” attitude.  Debt collection is often thought of as a difficult job, but we can do it effectively and at the highest levels while maintaining your company’s positive image.  We will customize reporting, follow-up, in-house training, and file transfers that best-suit your needs.

We have no conflicts of interest or shared ownership with our vendors, and our legal processes are built to be faster and less expensive to consumers.  Also, we do not amortize interest in our recoveries.  Our clients’ original debts are paid first.  These philosophies means consumers are charged less and can pay sooner; our clients receive more money quicker!

Respectful & effective debt recovery

We understand debt collectors have a difficult job to do, and at Collect Northwest we are effective at recovery while treating consumers with respect.  Sometimes we must be firm, but everyone gets a fair opportunity to make reasonable payment arrangements with our offices.   We work with everyone where they are at with respect to their financial circumstances, encouraging people to make their best payment arrangement and stick with it.  We understand your company can’t afford to lose customer goodwill—and the potential revenue it represents—nor can you afford to let your accounts turn into total losses. That’s where CNW will make a difference for your business.

Experience & expertise

With over 100+ years combined debt collections experience, we’ve perfected the best processes, the smartest technology, and employ top-notch people to get the results you want—the way you want them.  Our collectors’ average over 10 years tenure, our managers average over 20 years tenure, and we have a fully staffed technology team for the highest level of client services and data security.

Our management team has been very involved in state and federal advocacy for the credit and collection industry for over 25 years.  Our clients often know what is happening before it actually happens!  We are engaged and advocating for our clients’ interests to be able to continue to collect your past-due debts in a professional and positive manner.  We understand compliance with federal and state laws and engage our clients to make the best policy decisions for risk management for your company and ours.

One-Touch Collections for public entities

We have been providing data management with the Oregon Department of Revenue’s Tax Intercept program for over eight years, and starting 2020 almost all public entitles can take advantage of this program.  Our clients who qualify can get the best debt collection results by matching our excellent recoveries, adding DOR tax-intercept, and we do all the data management!

Benefits of Using Collect Northwest

Enhance cash flow: With our proven system, you will collect receivables and outstanding balances sooner, improving cash flow, profitability, and your overall bottom line.

Positive public image: We treat your customers with respect, dignity, and professionalism, always. In fact, being respectful is so important to us; it’s one of our core values.

Get exceptional results: Our results far exceed the collection industry averages – we consistently bring the most money back for our clients.

Improve efficiency: Reduce your internal labor costs as your personnel no longer focus on collecting past-due accounts – we do the work and take care of the headaches. This allows your staff to focus on their core areas.

Refine your process: We continuously work to help improve our clients’ A/R processes, forms, and systems. We provide ongoing education and training opportunities for you through Webinars, training forums, and in-house seminars.

Stay informed: One of the most frequent complaints we hear from businesses who come to us from other collection agencies is “I never heard from them!” Our Client Service Team will keep in touch with you on a regular and ongoing basis, letting you know the status of your accounts. Or you can build your own reporting process on our Client Web Portal.

Submit accounts with ease: Our Client Web Portal works as an extension of our office and staff, enabling you to submit and track collections, 24/7, from any computer with Internet access.

Safeguard your business: Our highly-trained professionals stay up to date with debt collection rules and regulations at the local, state, and federal level.

Ready to have the Collect Northwest companies working for you?

Call us today at 1-888-511-0070 or submit a request for information to our Client Service Team.

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