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Our Values & Mission

Our mission is Betterment.

This means that we are continuously striving to better our company, relationships, and processes. To do this, our team measures, monitors, analyzes and improves productivity, systems, tasks and ourselves to satisfy our clients.

We are among a very elite group of companies in the debt collection industry, having achieved the Blueprint Quality Management System in 2008 from ACA International. Less than 3% of all collection companies have earned this certification. This Compliance Management System was created with a combination of the SAS70 accounting compliance certification plus the SIGMA-6 Continuous Improvement program created by Motorola. Add in our A+ rating from the BBB and you can see that we are at the very pinnacle of the industry for compliance, security, recovery and service. And we look to get BETTER every day!

Our Core Values tell our story:



We believe the best debt recovery service starts with respect and integrity. Our professionals work to understand your customers’ financial situation and set up reasonable payment plans based on their unique financial circumstances. The result is the greatest return on your receivables while preserving your goodwill in the community.


Our team is driven to surpass your expectations. We provide exceptional service at the highest professional standards in our industry. We offer many options in communications, placement of accounts, reporting, posting, and many other processes to best your unique needs.


Our company and staff volunteer for a host of charities, clubs, organizations, and events every year, constantly giving back to our community in a positive and meaningful manner. Active leadership and engagement is part of the Collect Northwest experience.


We care how your business performs now and in the long run. This means our entire team works to ensure that you receive more of your money, faster. Our team will work with your customers early in the collection process to increase your bottom line, meet all compliance requirements for federal and state regulations, lessen the potential for complaints, mitigate disputes, and provide the highest recovery in the industry.

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