Communications & Disputes

Consumer Communications and Disputes

If you want to communicate with our company about a debt you owe, please be advised due to federal regulations we do not communicate with consumers about their debts via email.  Please -contact our offices’ collections departments.  For Southern Oregon Credit / Medford office call 541-857-4174.  For Fidelity Collection Service / Hillsboro office call 971-337-1029. You can also go online -to review accounts or make payment arrangements:

Southern Oregon Credit Service  Resolution Resource Fidelity Collection Service

Items on a consumer credit report can be disputed directly with Trans Union or Equifax.  Our office will be notified within 5 days of your dispute and will respond accordingly.  They can be contacted at: or   Our company does not place items in the public record section of a consumer credit report.  If you have a dispute with an item in the public record section you must dispute with the credit bureau only.

Debts that have been paid in full are requested to be updated and then requested to be removed from the consumer credit report.  Not all debts are reported to consumer credit reports.

Ask Dr. Debt

If you need assistance with your rights or have questions about debt collections, you can visit for FAQ and assistance.

Ask Dr. Debt


Southern Oregon Credit Service dba Fidelity Collection Service is a debt collector.  We are attempting to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.


Si desea comunicarse con nuestra compañía sobre una deuda que debe, tenga en cuenta que debido a las regulaciones federales no nos comunicamos con los consumidores sobre sus deudas a través de correo electrónico.

Póngase en contacto con nuestras oficina de colección; llame al 541-857-4177. También puede conectarse en línea de internet para revisar cuentas o hacer arreglos de pago:


Puede llamar a nuestro equipo en español al 541.857.4177.

Southern Oregon Credit Service que opera como Fidelity Collection Service es un cobrador de deudas. Estamos intentando de cobrar una deuda y cualquier información obtenida se utilizará para ese propósito.