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Early Out Billing Services

A Revenue Cycle Solution — Resolution Resource

Since 1992, our Early Out division has done what other services do not do and most medical offices cannot afford to do – increase revenue and lower costs!  We encourage self-pay, patient-friendly payment arrangements early in the billing cycle. Our corporate values to “Respect People” and “Maximize our Client’s ROI” come together to help your patients find workable solutions to pay their bills in a reasonable and timely manner.

We set up payment plans on three-month, six-month, or ongoing payment plans via ACH drafts on checking/savings accounts or through a coupon payment system. Resolution Resource account coordinators track these payment plans each week – we make phone calls and send late notices to keep patients on their plan, giving them 60 days to keep plans current.

The Resolution Difference

Unlike other accounts receivables management systems, Resolution has technology that ensures that payment waiting time DOES NOT RESTART when a person misses a payment, then pays again. Most software is set up to restart the payment plan and late notices after receiving a payment – the patient goes back to Day 1, even if they have missed multiple payments in the past. Unfortunately, many people will take advantage of this and repeatedly make a late payment, which drive up your costs and decreases your cash flow.

Our system does what most other software cannot – we keep people from “cheating the technology.” Instead, we keep people on their payment schedule regardless of their repayment plan length or the time frame within which they missed a payment. The Resolution technology tracks people from their real Day 1 without resetting – we keep them on schedule no matter how long their plan is or when they last missed a payment.

Resolution Resource Accommodates Your Goals

At Resolution Resources, we know the specific way your late accounts are treated is very important to you.

  • We create custom agreements based on your accounts receivables goals and options.
  • If a patient is in default on his or her payment plans, the account is referred back to you to decide whether to turn to collections, adjust to charity, or take other action.

Resolution Resource fits best for firms who need:

  • Expertise in their billing department.
  • Are short staffed.
  • Need to lower costs and increase private pay revenue.
  • Have blocks of receivables that need someone to work them until completion (ex: after the sale of a business, merger, system conversion, retirement, etc.).