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On Demand Training

Are you ready for On-Demand training?  We offer online training videos of topics most relevant and helpful for today’s collectors and creditors, at no-cost for our active clients!  Each video is between six and nine minutes in length, provides helpful information for frontline staff and policy makers, and will help improve your company’s bottom line while have a chuckle or two!  Some of our topics available include:

  • Assigning Accounts – What do we need, what is helpful, what is the process for placing accounts for collection?
  • Cannabis Collections – How has the “Green Wave” impacted collections in and what does it mean for recovery?
  • Credit Reporting Part 1 – Basic Terminology
  • Credit Reporting Part 2 – Federal Updates and Challenges
  • Reg F Part 1 – Deceased Debtors and Credit Reporting
  • Reg F Part 2 – Disputes, New Validation Period & Notice
  • Reg F Part 3 – 7-7-7 Calling Limitations
  • Bankruptcy Part 1 – Basic Terms
  • Bankruptcy Part 2 – Things you need to know
  • Bankruptcy Part 3 – Why How What trying to collect
  • How to Ask for Money to Increase Revenue and Decrease Complaints
  • Getting Ready for Small Claims Court
  • Attachable vs. not attachable as-sets—collecting from your debtor
  • Collections with minors, parents, divorces
  • Calls, messages, emails and texting
  • Consumer vs. Commercial collections
  • And more!

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